darkroom notes

I recently moved to the east coast and lost access to the public darkroom I was using. After setting up a space to process black and white film, I thought it might be useful to others if I published some notes I've made along the way.


Here's a list of everything I bought. 


This allows me to process two rolls of 120 at a time or four rolls of 35mm.

Not recommended

  • Paterson Film Squeegee
    • After leaving lengthwise scratches on a couple of rolls of 120, I threw this thing out. The rubber had a rough patch on it that was leaving tiny marks on the emulsion.



I want to start experimenting with shorter dev times, but these are the times I've started with for developing HP5+ and TRI-X.

HP5+ in HC-110 Dilution E at 68F

Dev: 7:30, 4 inversions every minute. Start timer after filling tank, start draining tank at 7:15 mark.
Stop: 0:30, 4 inversions
Fix: 6:00, 4 inversions every minute
Hypo clear: 2:00, inversions for first minute
Wash: fill with water, 5 inversions, empty and refill, 10 inversions, empty and refill, 20 inversions
Final wash: 2 minutes of constantly changing water
Photo-Flo: 30 seconds, light rotation of film in canister

TRI-X 400 in HC-110 Dilution E at 68F

Dev time changes to 6:30, otherwise the same as above.