I'm an iOS engineer and product designer looking for fun, challenging projects to work on. I've been developing for iOS for the last 10 years, shipping several apps (3 heavily featured by Apple), working on teams from as small as 2 people to 25+. I enjoy working on software that is well designed and that has good intentions for the humans using it. (bonus if animation and design are a top priority)

I've listed the projects that I'm most proud of below. If you feel that we would work well together, please get a hold of me. You can reach me at jarod luebbert @ gmail.com

Thanks for your time,

Jarod Luebbert


JAM.com (2015-2016)

iOS Software Engineer

At DIY.org, we built a new service from the ground up to offer another way for kids to learn through mentorship. I was responsible for the iOS client, which allowed them to watch courses and interact with their mentor by posting videos and photos.

DIY.org (2014-2016)

iOS Software Engineer

My main focus was creating an app called DIY Camps, which connected small groups of kids to mentors and allowed them to share videos of their work to get feedback. I also created an internal app used for moderating kid's projects.

Elepath (2013-2014)

iOS Software Engineer

My biggest contribution at Elepath was creating Keezy with my friend Pasquale D’Silva. We wanted to build an application for making music that was fun and playful. Keezy was featured by Apple and used by Reggie Watts, along with a large scale physical replica of the app, during a performance at SXSW. 

MindSnacks (2011-2013)

iOS Software Engineer

I started at MindSnacks as the first Engineering hire and contributed on everything from the backend API to prototyping and building the games. As the company grew I focused my efforts on building our educational games for learning new languages.